My personal trainer is Eric Frayer. He’s an experienced professional who designs fitness regimens tailored to the specific goals and needs of the individual. I worked with Eric 5 years ago after a basketball related hamstring injury. The program he created for me helped me repair and strengthen my hamstring. I haven’t had any injury downtime since then. I’m working with Eric again to elevate my overall strength, conditioning, and flexibility, all of which are critical to being effective on the court. After four weeks, I’m pleased with my improvement, and am re-upping for another series of sessions. If you need to improve any area of your fitness game, I recommend You consult with Eric. He’s great to work with and knows how to help you attain the results you seek. – Leon

This summer I made a promise to myself to get back in shape with the help of a personal trainer. I approached Eric (Eric’s real Fitness) and couldn’t be happier with my decision! He is by far a professional that challenges me beyond my comfort zone and that’s exactly what I needed. I knew I would need lots of help with my form and getting reacquainted with the weights and machines. He has also guided me with my eating habits that needed a MAJOR makeover. I already see so much improvement and I am still working hard toward my goal! Eric offers everything you need to get back into shape. I’m grateful to him for his warm welcome, his care, inspiration, enthusiasm, and his great rates! Thank you Eric for solidifying that this was the best health and fitness decision I’ve made! – Erica T.

I have known Eric for about 3 years now and he is an excellent personal trainer. When I feel like giving up he pushes me to the max cause he knows my goals. He motivates me a lot and that gives me strength to keep going. I’ve stopped training several times due to personal life events, but as soon as I start working out with Eric again I see results immediately. One thing you gotta learn about Eric is: “Always follow the rules”. Have a clean diet and go to your trainer! – Katherine C.

I was experiencing excruciating back and leg pain which made walking almost impossible.  After 8 weeks with a physical therapist, there was no significant improvement.  After one moth of training with Eric, the pain in my legs was gone and the back pain became manageable.  Eric listened to my symptoms and developed a personalized exercise regimen to help me regain my mobility. – K.H.

For anyone looking for a personal trainer I highly recommend Eric. I have been a client of his for a several years and couldn’t think of anyone I would rather have as my trainer. He will give you the motivation and push that you need to reach your goals. He listens to you and plans your workouts around your goals. He also has a very easy going personality and will keep it fun while he’s whipping you into shape. He has worked wonders for me and I know he can for you too. – M.H.

Give Eric a call at the number below to take advantage of a free session and you be the judge.

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