I’m Eric, fitness/life coach.  I have over 15 years of experience in personal fitness training. I specialize in burning fat and toning/building muscle. My goal is to help you reach your fitness goal.  If you follow my instructions the mirror will tell your story.

My programs are health specific and designed to get you fit. I know motivation and busy schedules are often deterrents to being fit, that’s why I will have all the needed tools and equipment ready when you arrive – all you have to do is show up and workout. I believe fitness has to be a life choice, it has to be more than just something you do, it must be something you live.

Don’t worry about your age, body or background, I can customize a program for you. Effective group sessions are also available where I can upgrade your current workout to a higher level allowing you to workout with new and more advanced exercises/routines on your own.

No one wants to be unhealthy or out of shape.

Give me a call at the number below to take advantage of a free session and you be the judge.

Text or call 704.493.6589 for more information.

Find me on Instagram and/or Facebook – @cltefray4u

🔺 Specialized fat burning 🔺 Specialized muscle toning
🔺 Full body circuits 🔺 Nutritional advice

*Local references and testimonies available*
Training packages are sold in packs of 12, each session consist of 1 hour of training.

12 sessions $240
24 sessions $360